Decades of experience

Our leadership team is built with strong domain expertise combined with technology leadership to tackle the K-1 problem.


John LaMancuso

A global Operating Executive with a passion for growing companies through contemporary operational and commercial transformations with a people first approach.  John has held CEO, CRO, CMO, and Strategy roles for a Fortune 200, public company – ADP, 4 Private Equity owned companies, as well as serving on 2 private Boards.  He’s successfully transformed and grown each company.
Co-Founder & President

Geralyn Hurd

Co-founder & President of K1x combining an innovative mindset with 35 years of K‑1 experience and a conviction to solve the world’s K‑1 problem.
Co-Founder & CTO

Neal Schneider

Co-founder of K1x and original engineer on the K1x suite of solutions as well as the specification for the K1x digital file format. He has devoted his entire professional career to these solutions through his architecture, software development, and system integration experience.

Yun Ma

A global Finance Executive lived and worked in 4 countries, with wide experiences in private equity, consulting and various industries. Served over 30 companies ranging from fortune 500 blue chips to mid-caps to start ups. Being part of the core executive teams, successfully started, transformed, integrated and exited businesses.

Ken Powell

Commercial executive with 25+ years of achievements in public & private equity back organizations across North America, EMEA & APAC. Ken’s career has been in technology, technology-enabled services & SaaS across the FinTech, Ad-Tech & MarTech sectors. His experience spans several executive roles in sales, marketing, product, client experience & corporate strategy. Whether a business is a start-up, start doing or start over situation, Ken is known for delivering top-line growth, building high performance teams & creating business scale.
Vice President of Client success

Danielle Tewes

Vice President of K1x with 15+ years of tax and technology experience leading customer success and business development efforts with institutional investors and public accounting firms.
vice president of product

Nate Jones

Nate’s mission is to provide a world-class K-1 experience.  He applies his 10+ years of experience working with pass-through taxation and process automation in the design of K1x’s suite of products.
Vice President of People & Operations

Megan Smego

Vice President of People & Operations with over 10 years of experience working with growing corporations as well as several startups.