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Simplifying the K-1 Journey

Now it’s easy to set up new entities, gather and store information, prepare returns, and manage the entire process. Everybody on our team enjoys the K1x solution. I don’t know how people track all their investments without K1x.

 -Scott Schitter, VP of Tax at Bon Secours Mercy Health

Complicated Simplified

Imagine, no more high-stakes,  mad scramble for missing and late IRS Schedule K-1s, 990s and state tax reporting information…

  • Too manual

  • Too costly

  • Too frantic

  • Too last-minute

  • Too little control or transparency

Proven results. K1x is trusted by more than 6000 organizations.

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    Key Stats:
    • 126,275+ INVESTMENTS processed
    • $5.5+ TRILLION of transaction value
    • 177 tax forms for 42 FEDERAL AND STATE tax jurisdictions

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    Key Clients:
    • 20 OF THE TOP 100 institutional investors in the country

    • 39 OF THE TOP 400 accounting firms

    • Top wealth management firms and law firms

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    • 19 OF THE TOP 25 university endowments
    • 7 OF THE TOP 40 health systems
    • 10 OF THE TOP 50 private foundations & family offices