Automate K-1 data extraction, aggregation, and reporting

Made for federal, state and international taxing jurisdictions



“This tech will make a huge impact on our tax transformation.” – Accounting firm client

K-1 Automation

K1 Aggregator is perfect for accounting firms, institutional investors, banks, trusts, family offices,
pensions, individuals and corporations that receive IRS Schedule K-1s in volume.

100% digitization of extracted K-1 Form data with executive summary highlighting critical tax data elements
Reading, aggregation, and analysis of federal & state taxable income, K-3 information & foreign reporting requirements
Reduction of time, costs & risks

K1 Aggregator™ Features & Benefits

Automate K-1 data aggregation

First-ever fully digital investor K-1 packages, including footnotes, allocations, and white paper statement data
Provides state taxable income allocations for ALL 42 taxing jurisdictions
Extracts the entirety of the state K-1 & provides this data in an easy-to-use grid that exports to excel for 10 states (15 forms)

Risk and analysis review

Filterable/customizable data reports & exports for deep risk analysis & review
Embedded project management & review features keep processes smooth
Tenant Level Master K-1 helps users conduct tax analysis across entire portfolio—all tax data elements viewable in one report


Seconds to extract
& aggregate


Reduction in manual
data hadling


ROI: Independent analysis
by Genius Drive

Typical Benefits

For a composite org with:

500 forms & 20 Entities


Per Year



In additional
upside impacts


Annual Benefits

Additional Benefits

Eliminated data outsourcing needs & cost

Investor community experience w/ timely reports & clear after-tax ROI

Accounting staff engagement, retention & elevation

Accuracy & 66% cycle time reduction achieved

Control & transparency

To onboard

K1 Aggregator Product Videos

“K1A (K1 Aggregator) scans the whitepaper and breaks out line items that end up summing into one number on the tax return, gives you a reclass column so you can maintain a record of how it was originally reported to you, and then lets you run reports on all that info. That combination of features has given us tremendous flexibility in our workflows, including tracking QSBS benefits and making sure that info
makes it into our tax basis calcs and is reported correctly across all jurisdictions, and 988 tracking for our reportable transactions process.”



K1 Aggregator Integrations with Tax Software

K1x Import K-1/K-3 data from K1 Aggregator™ into K1 Creator™ (Formerly K-1 Navigator™), 990 Tracker™ (Formerly C-TRAC™)
Wolters Kluwer: CCH Axcess Tax
Thomson Reuters: ONESOURCE Income Tax, ONESOURCE Trust Tax, GoSystem Tax RS platforms (including UBI Export to GoSystems RS for trust returns)
Collaboration with leading edge companies to extend your workspace

“K-2s and K-3s also used to be a nightmare for us. Now we have drag and drop and integration with important third-party software. We use K1x to help us do our 20 state returns –and to file on time without the hassles and wasted time.”

How does
K1  Aggregator
compare to OCR scanning tools?