2022 Supported Tax Forms

ProductJurisdictionTax FormTax Form NameEFilingPaper Filing
CTRACAlabamaForm 20CAlabama Corporation Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACAlabamaForm BIT-VBusiness Income Tax Payment VoucherNoYes
CTRACAlaskaForm 6000Alaska Corporation Net Income Tax ReturnYesYes
CTRACAlaskaForm 6240Payment Voucher-Corporation Net Income TaxNoYes
CTRACArizonaForm 120EXTApplication for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation, Partnership, and Exempt Organization ReturnsNoYes
CTRACArizonaForm 99TExempt Organization Business Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACArkansasForm AR1100CTCorporation Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACArkansasForm AR1155Extension of Time to File RequestNoYes
CTRACCaliforniaForm 109Exempt Organization Business Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACCaliforniaForm 199Exempt Organization Annual Information ReturnYesYes
CTRACCaliforniaForm 3509Political or Legislative Activities By Section 23701d OrganizationYesYes
CTRACCaliforniaForm 3586Payment Voucher for Corporations and Exempt Organizations e-filed ReturnsNoYes
CTRACCaliforniaForm FTB 3539Payment for Automatic Extension for Corporations and Exempt OrganizationsNoYes
CTRACCaliforniaForm RRF-1Annual Registration Renewal Fee ReportNoYes
CTRACColoradoForm DR 0112C Corporation Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACColoradoForm DR 0112RFSchedule RF – Receipts Factor Apportionment ScheduleNoYes
CTRACColoradoForm DR 0158-CExtension of Time for Filing a Colorado C Corporation Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACConnecticutForm CT-990TConnecticut Unrelated Business Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACConnecticutForm CT-990T EXTApplication for Extension of Time to File Unrelated Business Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACDistrict of ColumbiaForm D-20Corporation Franchise Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACDistrict of ColumbiaForm FR-120Extension of Time to File Corporation Franchise Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8868Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File an Exempt Organization ReturnYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 990Return of Organization Exempt From Income TaxYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 990-EZShort Form Return of Organization Exempt from Income TaxYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 990-PFReturn of Private Foundation or Section 4947(a)(1) Trust Treated as Private FoundationYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule A (Form 990 or 990-EZ)Public Charity Status and Public SupportYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule A (Form 990-T)Unrelated Business Taxable Income from an Unrelated Trade or BusinessYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule B (Form 990, 990-EZ or 990-PF)Schedule of ContributorsYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule C (Form 990 or 990-EZ)Political Campaign and Lobbying ActivitiesYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule D (Form 1041)Capital Gains and LossesYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule D (Form 1120)Capital Gains and LossesYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule D (Form 990)Supplemental Financial StatementsYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule E (Form 990 or 990-EZ)SchoolsYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule F (Form 990)Statement of Activities Outside the United StatesYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule G (Form 990 or 990-EZ)Supplemental Information Regarding Fundraising or Gaming ActivitiesYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule H (Form 990)HospitalsYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule I (Form 1041)Alternative Minimum Tax – Estates and TrustsYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule I (Form 990)Grants and Other Assistance to Organizations, Governments, and Individuals in the United StatesYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule J (Form 990)Compensation InformationYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule K (Form 1118)Foreign Tax Carryover Reconciliation ScheduleYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule K (Form 990)Supplemental Information on Tax-Exempt BondsYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule L (Form 990 or 990-EZ)Transactions with Interested PersonsYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule K (Form 990)Noncash ContributionsYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule N (Form 990 or 990-EZ)Liquidation, Termination, Dissolution, or Significant Disposition of AssetsYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule O (Form 1120)Consent Plan and Apportionment Schedule for a Controlled GroupNoYes
CTRACFederalSchedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ)Supplemental Information to Form 990 or 990-EZYesYes
CTRACFederalSchedule R (Form 990)Related Organizations and Unrelated PartnershipsYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 3800General Business CreditYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 4136Credit For Federal Tax Paid On FuelsYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 4255Recapture of Investment CreditNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 4562Depreciation and Amortization (Including Information on Listed Property)YesYes
CTRACFederalForm 4797Sales of Business PropertyYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 4952Investment Interest Expense DeductionYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 5735American Samoa Economic Development CreditNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 6765Credit for Increasing Research ActivitiesNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8827Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax – CorporationsYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 8949Sales and other Dispositions of Capital AssetsYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 8995Qualified Business Income Deduction Simplified ComputationYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 990-TExempt Organization Business Income Tax Return (and proxy tax under section 6033(e)YesYes
CTRACFederalForm 8834Qualified Electric Vehicle CreditNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8835Renewable Electricity, Refined Coal, and Indian Coal Production CreditNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8866Interest Computation Under the Look-Back Method for Property Depreciated Under the Income Forecast MethodNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8912Credit to Holders of Tax Credit BondsNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8990Limitation on Business Interest Expense Under Section 163(j)NoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8991Tax on Base Erosion Payments of Taxpayers With Substantial Gross ReceiptsNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8992U.S. Shareholder Calculation of Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI)NoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8993Section 250 Deduction for Foreign Derived Intangible Income (FDII) and Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI)NoYes
CTRACFederalForm 2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax By CorporationsYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 990-WEstimated Tax on Unrelated Business Taxable Income for Tax-Exempt OrganizationsNoNot Released by Jurisdiction
CTRACFederalForm 4720Return of Certain Excise Taxes Under Chapters 41 and 42 of the Internal Revenue CodeYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 851Affiliations ScheduleYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 8611Recapture of Low-Income Housing CreditNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8697Interest Computation Under the Look-Back Method for Completed Long-Term ContractsNoYes
CTRACFederalForm 8801Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax – Individuals, Estates, and TrustsYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 2439Notice to Shareholder of Undistributed Long-Term Capital GainsYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 8941Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance PremiumsYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 1116Foreign Tax Credit – Individual, Estate or TrustYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 1118Foreign Tax Credit – Corporations (Schedule A, B, C, D, E, K)YesYes
CTRACFederalForm 6781Gains and Losses From Section 1256 Contracts and StraddlesYesYes
CTRACFederalForm 8582Passive Activity Loss LimitationsYesYes
K-1 AnalyzerFederalForm 5471Information Return of U.S. Persons With Respect To Certain Foreign CorporationsYesYes
K-1 AnalyzerFederalForm 8621Information Return by a Shareholder of a Passive Foreign Investment Company or Qualified Electing FundYesYes
K-1 AnalyzerFederalForm 8865Return of U.S. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign PartnershipsYesYes
K-1 AnalyzerFederalForm 8886Reportable Transaction Disclosure StatementYesYes
K-1 AnalyzerFederalForm 926Return by a U.S. Transferor of Property to a Foreign CorporationYesYes
CTRACFloridaForm F-1120Florida Corporate Income/Franchise Tax ReturnYesYes
CTRACFloridaForm F-7004Tentative Income/Franchise Tax Return and Application for Extension of Time to File ReturnYesYes
CTRACGeorgiaForm 600-TExempt Organization Unrelated Business Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACGeorgiaForm Form IT-560CCorporate Extension Payment VoucherNoYes
CTRACHawaiiForm N-201VBusiness Income Tax Payment VoucherNoYes
CTRACHawaiiForm N-70NPExempt Organization Business Income Tax FormNoYes
CTRACIdahoForm 41Corporation Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACIdahoForm 41ESEstimated Tax Payment/Extension of Time Payment Business Income TaxNoYes
CTRACIdahoForm 41ESEstimated Tax Payment/Extension of Time Payment Business Income TaxNoYes
CTRACIdahoForm 42Apportionment and Combined Reporting AdjustmentsNoYes
CTRACIllinoisForm AG990-ILIllinois Charitable Organization Annual ReportNoYes
CTRACIllinoisForm IL 990-TExempt Organization Income and Replacement Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACIllinoisForm IL 990-T-VPayment Voucher for Exempt Organization Income and Replacement TaxNoYes
CTRACIndianaForm E-6Indiana Corporate Estimate Quarterly Income Tax Return/Extension PaymentNoYes
CTRACIndianaForm IT-20NPIllinois Charitable Organization Annual ReportNoYes
CTRACIndianaForm NP-20Nonprofit Organization’s Annual ReportNoYes
CTRACIndianaSchedule EApportionment of IncomeNoYes
CTRACIowaForm IA 1120Iowa Corporation Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACIowaSchedule DNon-Business IncomeNoYes
CTRACKansasForm K-120Corporation Income TaxYesYes
CTRACKansasForm K-120VCorporate Income Tax Payment VoucherNoYes
CTRACLouisinaForm CIFT-620Corporation Income and Franchise TaxNoYes
CTRACMaineForm 1120EXT-MEMaine Extension Tax Payment Voucher For CorporationsNoYes
CTRACMaineForm 1120MEMaine Corporate Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACMaineSchedule 1AIncome Addition ModificationsNoYes
CTRACMaineSchedule 1SIncome Subtraction ModificationsNoYes
CTRACMaineSchedule CTax Credits for CorporationsNoYes
CTRACMaineSchedule XAmended Return AdjustmentsNoYes
CTRACMarylandForm 500Maryland Corporation Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACMarylandForm 500EApplication for an Extension to File Corporation Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACMassachusettsForm M-990TUnrelated Business Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACMassachusettsForm M-990T-7004Unrelated Business Income Tax Extension Payment Worksheet and VoucherNoYes
CTRACMassachusettsForm PCAnnual Filing for Charitable OrganizationsNoYes
CTRACMassachusettsSchedule FIncome ApportionmentNoYes
CTRACMichiganForm 4Application for Extension of Time to File Michigan Tax ReturnsNoYes
CTRACMinnesotaForm M4NPUnrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) ReturnNoYes
CTRACMississippiForm 83-105Corporate Income and Franchise Tax ReturnYesYes
CTRACMississippiForm 83-122Net Taxable Income ScheduleYesYes
CTRACMississippiForm 83-125Business Income Apportionment ScheduleYesYes
CTRACMississippiForm 83-150Nonbusiness Income WorksheetYesYes
CTRACMississippiForm 83-155Net Operating Loss & Capital Loss ScheduleYesYes
CTRACMississippiForm 83-180Application for Automatic ExtensionNoYes
CTRACMissouriForm MO-1120Corporation Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACMissouriForm MO-7004Application for Extension of Time to FileNoYes
CTRACMissouriForm MO-MSCorporation Allocation and Apportionment of Income ScheduleNoYes
CTRACMissouriForm MO-NAINonapportionable Income ScheduleNoYes
CTRACMontanaForm CITMontana Corporate Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACMontanaForm CTCorporate Income Tax Payment VoucherNoYes
CTRACNebraskaForm 1120NNebraska Corporation Income Tax Return, with Schedules A, I, and IINoYes
CTRACNebraskaForm 7004NApplication for Automatic Extension of TimeNoYes
CTRACNebraskaSchedule IIISubsidiary or Affiliated CorporationsNoYes
CTRACNebraskaSchedule IVConverting Net Income to Combined Net IncomeNoYes
CTRACNew HampshireForm BETBusiness Enterprise Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACNew HampshireForm BET-80Business Enterprise Tax ApportionmentNoYes
CTRACNew HampshireForm BT-EXTPayment Form and Application for Extension of Time to FileNoYes
CTRACNew HampshireForm BT-SummaryBusiness Tax Summary FormNoYes
CTRACNew MexicoForm CIT-1New Mexico Corporate Income And Franchise Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACNew MexicoForm CIT-EXTNew Mexico Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Extension Payment VoucherNoYes
CTRACNew YorkForm CHAR500Annual Filing for Charitable OrganizationsNoPaper File Not Supported by Jurisdiction
CTRACNew YorkForm CT-13Unrelated Business Income Tax ReturnYesYes
CTRACNew YorkForm CT-5Request for Six-Month Extension to FileYesNo
CTRACNorth CarolinaForm CD-405C-Corporation Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACNorth CarolinaForm CD-405C-Corporation Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACNorth CarolinaForm CD-419Application for Extension for Franchise and Corporate Income TaxNoYes
CTRACNorth DakotaForm 40Corporation Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACNorth DakotaForm 40-EXTCorporate Extension Payment VoucherNoYes
CTRACNorth DakotaForm 40-PVCorporate Extension Payment VoucherNoYes
CTRACOklahomaForm 504-CApplication for Extension of Time to File an Oklahoma Income Tax Return For Corporations, Partnerships and TrustsNoYes
CTRACOklahomaForm 512EReturn of Organization Exempt from Income TaxNoYes
CTRACOregonForm OR-20Oregon Corporation Excise Tax ReturnYesYes
CTRACOregonForm OR-20-VOregon Corporation Tax Payment VoucherNoYes
CTRACOregonSchedule OR-APApportionment of Income for Corporations and PartnershipsYesYes
CTRACOregonSchedule OR-ASC-CORPOregon Adjustments when Filing Forms OR-20, OR-20-INC, OR-20-INS, or OR-20-SYesYes
CTRACRhode IslandForm BUS-EXTBusiness Tax Automatic Extension RequestNoYes
CTRACRhode IslandForm RI-1120CBusiness Corporation Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACSouth CarolinaForm SC 1120-TApplication for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporate Tax ReturnsNoYes
CTRACSouth CarolinaForm SC 990-TExempt Organization Business Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACTennesseeForm FAE 170Franchise and Excise Tax Return, includes Schedules A-H, J, K, M, N-P, R-VYesYes
CTRACTennesseeForm FAE 173Application for Extension of Time to File Franchise and Excise Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACUtahForm TC-20MCUtah Tax Return for Miscellaneous CorporationsNoYes
CTRACUtahForm TC-559Corporate/Partnership Payment CouponNoYes
CTRACVermontForm BA-403Application for Extension of Time to File Vermont Corporate/Business Income Tax ReturnsNoYes
CTRACVermontForm CO-411Corporate Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACVermontSchedule BA-402Apportionment & Allocation ScheduleNoYes
CTRACVirginiaForm 500Virginia Corporation Income Tax ReturnYesYes
CTRACVirginiaForm 500AMultistate Corporation Allocation and Apportionment of IncomeYesYes
CTRACVirginiaForm 500ADJCorporation Schedule of AdjustmentsYesYes
CTRACVirginiaForm 500FEDSchedule of Federal Line ItemsYesYes
CTRACWest VirginiaForm CIT-120West Virginia Corporation Net Income Tax Return FormNoYes
CTRACWest VirginiaForm CIT-120EXTWest Virginia Extension Corporation Net Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACWisconsinForm 4TWisconsin Exempt Organization Business Franchise or Income Tax ReturnNoYes
CTRACWisconsinForm NWisconsin Nonapportionable, Separately Accounted, and Separately Apportioned IncomeNoYes
CTRACWisconsinSchedule A-01Wisconsin Single Sales Factor Apportionment Data for Nonspecialized IndustriesNoYes