Dedicated Environments for Accounting Firms’ Nonprofit Practices

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BY Scott Turner
November 15


Accounting firm customers of K1x will now get their own dedicated environments for C-TRAC at no additional cost!

Why would you want a separate environment?

Here are the benefits of a C-TRAC dedicated environment: 

  • Isolated Data Storage and Hosting deliver optimized performance. 
  • Paid Preparer Management to self-manage firm office locations and employees. 
  • EFIN Management capabilities to set a firm-wide or paid-preparer level. 
  • Account & User Management to manage access quickly and easily to your C-TRAC data. 
  • E-File Queue Management for a dashboard view of all firm e-file activity 
  • Optional white label offering if desired for an additional fee. **White label options do carry an additional fee. Talk to your account rep about pricing on white label package options. 

Dedicated Environment FAQs

Q: Who are separate environments available for?
A: Separate environment options are available for accounting firms.


Q: What products offer a separate environment option?
A: Separate environment options are available for C-TRAC.


Q: Is there an additional fee?
A: No, there is no additional fee for a separate environment.   The optional white label packages do carry an additional fee.  Talk to your account rep for more details.


Q: What is white labeling?
A: White labeling is a generic term for customizing the color scheme and logo of the C-TRAC product based on your firm’s specific branding.  If you wish to have your separate environment customized with labeling, there is an additional charge.  Talk to your account representative for more information on white label package options.


Q: When will my separate environment be available?
A: They are available starting now for new and existing clients.   The completion of your separate environment is dependent on a number of factors specific to your specific facts and circumstances.  Implementation timelines typically range from 1-3 months depending on if white label options are selected.  Talk to your account representative for more details.


Q: How do I get a separate environment?
A: For new customers, there is no additional action needed.  For existing firm customers that do not have a separate environment, talk to your account representative to discuss what a transition plan would look like if a separate environment is desired.

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