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K1x Product Update 2024-04-18

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BY Scott Turner
April 18

You asked. K1x delivered. Your ideas in action! More data. More time-saving. Less risk.  

K1x announces new  Aggregated K-1 Data Transfer, Trust Returns UBI/GoSystem RS Export, Improved Extraction of White Paper Statements, lots of great UX Upgrades, and on the horizon…Customizable Transmittal Letters and Foreign Forms XML E-filing. Read all about them below and check out our release notes for more details.

Also, when you see the , just know that those are YOUR ideas brought to life by the K1x team!



Aggregated K-1 Data Transfer

We are thrilled to announce the launch of this highly anticipated new tax data management feature  which helps effortlessly  share data from K-1 Analyzer to K-1 Navigator. This new seamless importing broadens the tiering functionality of K-1 Navigator by allowing aggregated investment data to be included in the tax attributes passed (tiered) within the partnership structure. It also marks a significant milestone in automating robust connections between K-1 Analyzer and K-1 Navigator.


Click the image to see a video tour.

Trust returns UBI/GoSystem RS Export

Quickly adapting to the specific needs of our accounting firm clients, K1x significantly simplifies the integration of K-1 Analyzer UBI data into the 990T forms. This new export feature is designed to be both straightforward and impactful, markedly reducing the manual data entry previously required. Now, trust returns preparation is more efficient than ever, meaning you can focus less on the process and more on the results. Fewer steps, less hassle—just the way you like it!


Improved Whitepaper Statement Extractions 

In our latest update, we are excited to introduce Improved Extraction of Whitepaper Statements, underscoring our commitment to enhancing our data extraction capabilities. This feature focuses on bolstering the accuracy and reliability of extracting federal whitepaper statements. The biggest and most noticeable impact for our users will be improved performance on CCH-produced whitepapers, including the very common CCH 3-column format. By concentrating on the most frequently encountered footnote variants and formats, we ensure you a smoother, more efficient experience navigating US tax compliance.


CCH enhanced reading from K1x
CCH enhanced reading from K1x


UX Upgrades

Sometimes it’s the smallest paper cuts that hurt the most and we spent some time removing a few of these irritants for our users. Of particular note for C-TRAC, we’re making the input fields larger so it’s easier to manage the input process. This should ease some of the strain on our users’ eyes, especially in the depths of tax season. In addition, we’ve had requests to provide a more client-facing e-file acceptance document that accounting firms can share with their clients. For K-1 Navigator, we repositioned our drop-down lists to make “US Federal” at the top to save time on scrolling. And in K-1 Analyzer we’ve improved the usability and sortability of our reports by removing merged cells in the output. This delivers quicker manipulation and review of K-1 Analyzer data. The little things add up!


 We’ve also brought a few more of your ideas to life!

  • System Administration Enhancement: Introduced the ability to configure tenant-level settings for adding users to engagements, streamlining system admin tasks.
  • Whitepaper Footnote Clarity: Enhanced the readability of CCH-format whitepaper footnotes, ensuring critical information is easily accessible.
  • Form 926 Reading Improvement: Improved the extraction of foreign transfer details from whitepaper statements for Form 926, aiding in accurate data interpretation.
  • K-1 Form Line Item Detail Extraction: Line item details are now fully extractable for all states with a K-1 form, available on the State Data tab and State Data Overview panel.
  • Investment-Level State Data Editing: Enabled editing of extracted state line item details at the investment level on the State Data tab, offering greater flexibility.
  • Form 5471, Schedule Q Support: Added a whitepaper statement to Form 5471, Schedule Q, to accommodate data beyond the facepage capacity.
  • Form 990 Schedule B Sorting Feature: Introduced a sorting feature for “Contributions” by “Donor Name”, “Aggregate Contributions”, and “Type of contribution” in the Charitable Contributions Detail table, enhancing data organization.

Here are even more helpful updates

  • Expanded K1 Navigator Coverage19 states now available within K1 Navigator
  • Maryland EFile Readiness: The 2023 Maryland state forms are available for EFile

As a reminder, you can find detailed statuses of forms on the Tax Year 2023 Supported Forms page here.


 Customizable Transmittal Letter

K1x is proud to share an upcoming new feature on our C-TRAC platform: the Customizable Transmittal Letter. This latest enhancement comes as a direct response to the needs of the growing list of accounting firms that have joined us. We understand the importance of personalized communication—and for speed and simplicity—which is why we’ve developed this feature offering:

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Tailor the transmittal letter to your firm’s specific requirements without leaving the system.
  • Increased Efficiency: Save time by eliminating the manual process previously needed for customization.

We’re committed to continuous improvement and are actively developing ways to reduce the time and effort you spend on client packet preparation. Look forward to more updates that streamline your workflow and enhance your client interactions.


Foreign Forms XML E-filing

Fewer e-filing steps. More streamlining. A terrific time-saver, C-TRAC users will no longer need to append a PDF of their foreign forms (including 926, 8865, et al) to their e-file transmissions. K1x clients will benefit from having a comprehensive e-file XML with foreign forms for their future transmissions.

About K1x, Inc.

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