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K1x Product Update 2024-06-18

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BY Scott Turner
June 18

You asked. K1x delivered. Your ideas in action! More data. More time-saving. Less risk.  

This month K1x announces new Activity-Based Reporting, Improved K-3 Statement Reading, 990 Schedule B Automation, State Charity Report Deliverables, Digital Signatures on Fed & State Forms, and Upper Case Text on 990s for firms. Read all about them below and check out our release notes for more details.

Bonus: nearly all the updates this month came from client ideas. Another great reason to take advantage of K1x Office Hours, Virtual Product Forums, and Communities



Activity Based Reporting Extraction for Schedule K-1

(Early Access Opt-In by request)

We’re excited to introduce our latest feature as an early access opportunity: Activity-based reporting for Schedule K-1. This functionality ensures compliance with federal and state tax laws, accurate allocation of income and deductions, proper application of passive activity loss rules, and correct calculation of self-employment tax. It also helps maximize tax benefits like the Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction. With this level of detail, partners and shareholders can manage their tax liabilities more effectively and avoid potential IRS issues. Our K1 Aggregator now seamlessly extracts this crucial information and makes it available at your fingertips.

Contact your CSM for Early Access and additional information regarding this new feature!

Activity-based reporting in K1 Aggregator from K1x

Click the image to see a video tour.


Simpler K-3 Processing with Advanced Statement Reading

K1 Aggregator stands out as the only K-1 extraction tool capable of extracting all 1800 fields of Schedule K-3. We’ve now enhanced this feature further to include the extraction of K-3 data from overflow statements. Our data shows that at least half of K-3 statements extend into overflow statements. This new capability eliminates even more manual entry, significantly reducing the time and effort required to process this laborious form.

1 / 1 – K-3 statement detail in K1 Aggregator from K1x


990 Filing with Schedule B Automation

This new feature automatically adjusts to limit contributors on Schedule B using the greater than $5,000 or 2% threshold. By eliminating the need for external calculations and manual modifications, this update streamlines your workflow, making it easier and more efficient to complete your returns. This is just one more way we are committed to continuous improvement and easing the efforts of our users.

1 / 1 – 990 Schedule B Automation in 990 Tracker from K1x

 Expanded State Charity Report Deliverables 

990 Tracker remains the most comprehensive software supporting the tax-exempt community. We are continually seeking opportunities to expand our range of supported forms. So, we are excited to announce the addition of charity reports for three new states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. This enhancement ensures our users can manage their compliance requirements more effectively across multiple jurisdictions.


Click the image to see a video tour.


State reports in 990 Tracker from K1x


Digital Signatures on Fed & State Forms

Introducing our latest enhancement to minimize manual tasks in the final stages of tax return delivery: Digital signatures on all federal and state forms. We’ve mapped paid preparer digital signatures, including e-file authorizations. Simply identify who is signing the return, and we’ll handle the rest. This feature ensures a smoother, more efficient process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Optimize your tax return delivery with our new digital signature feature, designed to streamline your workflow and enhance compliance.


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Upper Case Text or Sentence Case Options for Firms in Form 990

At K1x, we understand the importance of the Form 990’s public nature and its role in enhancing tax exempt transparency. To ensure the best presentation, we have updated our software to offer firms the option for all upper-case letters (default) or sentence case depending on firm policy. This delivers a professional and uniform appearance for your public disclosure documents.


 We’ve also brought a few more of your ideas to life!

  • Form 8868 Enhancements: We’ve automated the 990 Tracker Form 8868 to default to 0 for Lines 3a, 3b, and 3c, simplifying the extension process and reducing manual entry errors.
  • Schedule O Duplication Prevention: A new checkbox feature has been introduced to prevent duplication of Schedule O on the Form 990T. This ensures that Schedule O is only added once, maintaining the integrity of your filing.
  • CA-199 Print Improvements: Printing the CA-199 form is now more efficient, with the ability to print without any white papers, resulting in a cleaner and more professional presentation.
  • Schedule G Data Flow Optimization: Data from Schedule G, Part II & III will now automatically flow into Part VIII, based on our refined business logic. This enhancement ensures accuracy and consistency across your schedules.
  • Federal Estimated Taxes Instructions: The 990 Tracker has been updated to generate filing instructions for Federal Estimated Taxes (990-W), providing clear guidance for your estimated tax submissions.
  • Tax Due Visibility: On the 990 Tracker Filing Instructions, the Tax Due amount will now be prominently displayed, giving you immediate access to crucial payment information.
  • Extended Due Date Management: We’ve improved the handling of extended due dates. If an extension has been filed, the Due Date on the Filing Instructions will automatically update, with an option to manually override if necessary.

As a reminder, you can find detailed statuses of forms on the Tax Year 2023 Supported Forms page here.

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