Tax Technology for Family Offices


Unsustainable family office K-1 volume, complexity, & manual data processing?

AI automation from K1x works with your tax software, frees staff for high value work, reduces outsourcing costs & risks. Early warning for tax liability, end-to-end income tax compliance, and e-filing for exempt family office entities.

Data on-demand
Data connectivity to other systems & processes
Auto allocations & taxable income through tiers
Ownership of work
Deep reporting & analysis for family offices
After-tax ROI analysis

Cloud-based, AI tax technology for family offices facing higher alternative investment volumes

Family Offices Love K1x Tax Technology

“K1x was a huge help pulling in information because it took data entry off us. We love its ability to move data from one K-1 line item to another — this eliminates the hassles with reclassification and eliminated data entry work.

Now we have drag and drop
and integration with important third-party software.

I think everybody should use this!”


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  • Inefficient, manual 990 process
  • Hired extra staff just to handle the work
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  • Adopted C-TRAC
  • Leaned on K1x Client Success team for support
  • Integrated with existing tax software stack
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  • Cut costs by insourcing
  • More time spent doing data analysis instead of data entry
  • Data changes immediately visible in PDFs
  • E-filing easily