Experience the digital advantage

Our solutions are designed to digitize the investor experience and offer an approach to Schedule K-1s that is nothing short of revolutionary.

What is your role?

K-1 Navigator streamlines the K-1 production process by automating preparation, streamlining analysis, and providing a digital or PDF K-1 experience.

K-1 Producer

Private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real property, and professional service firms

Looking for a digital solution to automate the production and distribution of your K-1s?

You Need K-1 Navigator

  • User-friendly workflows for investor demographic collection and K-1 production and distribution
  • Significant tax logic and automated investor data collection tools
  • Time-saving tools such as footnote library, K-1 package builders and integrations to most tax preparation software products for e-filing

K-1 Analyzer provides AI-powered data extraction plus superior aggregation, analytics, and project management features while integrating with all major tax software.

K-1 Recipient

Institutional investors, banks, trusts, family offices, pensions, individuals, sovereign wealth organizations

Looking to steer through the complexities and reduce the time spent on K-1 aggregation?

You Need K-1 Analyzer

  • A powerful AI powered reader extracts K-1 data in seconds per K-1
  • Transparent and collaborative tools enable simplified analysis of complex tax issues
  • Integrates easily to all major tax software

C-TRAC is a comprehensive tax management platform with multiple tools specifically designed to optimize workflows across departments, simplify tax compliance, minimize time requirements and reduce risk for tax-exempt organizations.

Tax-Exempt Organizations

Higher education entities, private foundations, healthcare systems, pension trusts and other not-for-profits

Looking for an all-in-one solution to manage all aspects of tax-exempt compliance?

You Need C-TRAC

  • IRS-approved tax preparation solution including federal and state e-filing options
  • Easy-to-use platform for all major federal and state filing requirements
  • One-click integration with K-1 Analyzer